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Restaurants are lively places where people often come to unwind and have a good time. Therefore, it is crucial for a restaurant to be inviting for potential customers by being visually and aesthetically pleasing. A restaurant with dull and lacklustre interiors and exteriors tends to be quite underwhelming and possibly drive a customer away. Any efficacious restaurant requires a fresh, clean looking space entailing an immaculate paint job. To really enhance the restaurant space it is imperative to pick the right paint, coats and finishes, with impeccablecolor schemes thatconvey the ‘feel’ of the restaurant maintaining a coherent and consistent theme.

In addition to visual perfection, it is also vital that a restaurant space looks pristine. A clean environment is of paramount importance for customers to enjoy themselves as they relish a meal. The kitchen and other food preparation areas also need to be organized and well kept. The cleanliness, up-keep and maintenance of a restaurant establishes the vision, principles, service standards and reputation of your business in the eyes of a customer. Regardless of how amazing your food is, if you do not have a space to match, you will inevitably steer customers away.

Expressway Painting ensures the best services and workmanship with economically viable pricing. We, at Express painting, endeavour to deliverexceptional quality paint jobs for our clientele, regardless of whether their requirement demands a job as little as professional commercial kitchen painting all the way to a complete internal and external restaurant paint or repaint. Express Painting has the perfect solution to all your painting needs.

Expressway Painters and Renovation is a one-stop solution to all your painting needs. Our extensive list of services for restaurants include interior and exterior painting, protective coatings, wall and floor coverings, anti graffiti coatings, anti microbial coatings, commercial kitchen painting, tenant improvements and decorative finishes.

Drawing customers to your business is much easier with a visually pleasing place. Thus, it is important to have the best, most suitable decor and finishing without compromising on functionality. We provide consultation to our clientele through digital color rendering for reviewing and assessing different color schemes and palettes. We will digitally render models of your office building by applying different colours and finishes based on your personal preferences. The client can see beforehand what certain colors, finishes, coatings, etc. will look like in their space. The client can then, make an informed decision based on what they do and do not like.

Expressway Painting makes use of state of the art technology and equipment in combination with our highly trained personnel and staff to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We have the most competitive prices, and guarantee the most amazing results. We, at Expressway, are committed to providing our client with the best gas station paint or repaint in a timely, safe manner.

If you are a company/ business owner looking to hire an exceptional multi-family property paint contractor that does it all in Charlotte, NC, or you need more information about services and products we offer, visit us at 227 W 4th St Charlotte, NC 28202. For quotes and estimations or any queries you have feel free to give us a call at 803-371-8140 or write to us at We would love to hear from you.

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