Trending Residential Color Patterns That Can Infuse Life to Dull Looking Homes

Tired of those boring old colors on the interior of your home? Want to update the interior of your home? Looking for a professional residential painting Charlotte service? Then we at Expressway Painting provide quality residential painting service that will add life to your dull looking home and transform it into a classy one.

Residential Painting

Following are some of the trending color patterns we suggest that will infuse life into your lifeless and gloomy Charlotte home –

Vivid Yellow –
Bright yellows are quite inspiring that bring back life to any dull space. Such a color is ideal for spaces where you wish to invoke fun, friendliness and life. For a change you can combine white and goldenrod hues and contrast this combination against dark woods, this will make the space comfortable and fascinating. You can also pair up sunshine yellow with warm colors like peach or raspberry to create an energizing space. Try yellow shades in kitchens or master bedrooms!

Bold Blue –
Blues are always one of the favorite hues when it comes to residential painting service. Whether it is a classy sapphire or a magnificent shade of cobalt, bold and bright blues will enhance your living space for sure. When you combine these awesome hues of blue with cane or bamboo accessories and contrast it with strips of whites your home interior gets a soothing Mediterranean feel. And when you combine the bold blues with traditional decorations, extravagant fabrics and golden accents your home space turns imperial.

Different Grey Shades –
Greys are considered as the most neutral color for interior spaces. When you integrate cool tones of grey keeping the overall color scheme of your room in view you can achieve lively interiors. And if you want to add class and style to your living room or simply want to bring a calming and sophisticated essence to your bedroom then lavender greys and bluish greys can make wonders.

Vibrant Purple –
A dash of vibrant purple shade can bring back the energy and vibrancy to your room that was lacking. When you integrate a shade of vibrant purple to any part of your home you will add an unconventional look to the interior of home. Combine ultraviolet with white or cream colors in your living room or as an inviting color in your front entrance, you will sense the magic of this shade of purple for sure.

These are just a few color pattern ideas that you can incorporate to achieve a lively and attractive interior for your home. We have many other color pattern options for Charlotte residential painting services.

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