Experimenting on Different Colors for Ceiling Painting with Expressway Painting

It has become a notion that ceiling paint should be of white. But that’s not true at all! The ceiling is the fifth wall of your room, and you can paint it using different colors besides the traditional white. Yes, you heard it right; you can use a different color for your ceiling! We at Expressway Painting with our years of experience in ceiling painting service in Charlotte can offer you some of the unconventional and eccentric ceiling painting color options that will suit the other walls of your room well!

The colors differ from room to room. For instance, the ceiling color for your dining room will be different from that of your bedroom or study room. Colors not only define our personality but also affect our mood. Also, it depends upon your choice, i.e. whether you want a bright and open space or a cozy and intimate one! Our creative and professional team can transform your property into a stylish and striking look with our exceptional ceiling painting service.

Ceiling Paintings

Let’s start with the Traditional White ceilings
The main reason behind painting the ceilings white is that it gives your room a bright open feel and also creates an illusion of lifting the height of your ceilings and walls. If you have a smaller room, then you can use white as your weapon.

Keep Everything Dark
Darker shades offer elegance to your rooms. When you wish for a cozy yet elegant space, then adding darker tones to the wall as well as ceilings could be the best bet for you. For example, using dark blue on the ceiling as well as the walls offers a cozy, calm and warm feel. You can also go for browns and dark greens to achieve a welcoming feel! But make sure you avoid too much red especially in the rooms that are meant for relaxation as red can raise your blood pressure by making the room repressive. And to enhance the look of this dark colored room, you can use smart lighting to highlight the color meeting areas. Additionally, using contrasting colored accessories can bring life and energy to your room.

Same Color Shades
Two different shades of the same color can also be a great choice! For example, you can use the darker shade of a particular color on the ceiling and use the lighter shade of that particular color on the walls. Such a combination makes your room feel more comfortable. On the contrary, you can use the lighter shade on the ceiling and the darker one on the walls that makes the room feel larger and spacious.

White Walls and Bright Colored Ceilings
Make your room feel brighter and spacious with another striking painting option, i.e. using bright colors on the ceiling and traditional white on the walls. Some of the best bright color options for ceiling are mustard yellow, turquoise and deep fuchsia. Such a combination adds warmth to your rooms.

No matter how big or small your ceiling is, we the Expressway Painting team, take every project with sheer dedication. From factory area, office premises, residential apartments to houses we transform every kind of property with our commercial ceiling painting in Charlotte.

So if you are looking for a reliable and experienced ceiling painting Charlotte service then contact us today at 803-371-8140 or email us at info@expresswaypainting.com and we will be right there to help you with your ceiling painting needs!